Ateneo de Davao K to 12 Way 

Ateneo Education

The Ateneo program of studies seeks to develop the “whole person,” sound in mind and body. The curriculum tries to integrate into the Atenean’s learning all the human functions: spiritual, sociocultural, intellectual, and physical. It stresses training in the abilities to think, to make judgements and decisions, to respond creatively to pragmatic or artistic stimuli, to communicate sound ideas effectively, and to interact with other members of the community.


Admission is open to qualified boys and girls who can benefit from the program of studies given in the University K to 12 System. It is determined by the applicants’ fitness and preparation for the University program and their personal potentials to contribute towards the enrichment of the Ateneo community in particular, and the larger society in general. Admission to the University K to 12 System is determined by the Student Development Centers for Grade School and High School.

The ADDU K to 12 System

Ateneo’s advanced curriculum is specially designed to identify, develop, and enhance the competencies of each student in the K to 12 System. Science, for example, is introduced in Kindergarten, three levels earlier than the standard set by the Department of Education.

Touted as having one of the best structured preparations for K to 12, Ateneo de Davao University’s fully articulated program prepares the student for both work college life. Programs of learning from Kinder to Middle School to High School, and eventually College, are fully synchronized. Faculty members in all units of the University are cognizant of how their own disciplines and academic year levels relate with others.

To provide a more capacity-specific foundation for higher education, five Precollege Tracks focus on Liberal Arts; Business and Economics; Computer Studies; Engineering; and Science. Qualified Precollege Trackers can acquire a part-time job with the University as research assistants.

Ateneo’s K to 12 System is comprehensive, seamless, and holistic.

Go the right way, all the way. Go the Ateneo Way.

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