Acknowledging the concerns arising from the aftershocks following the recent earthquake in Mindanao, the Ateneo Grade School administration has shifted its focus towards ensuring the safety of its community members. With heightened awareness of the challenges posed by these aftershocks, the institution has taken steps to address these concerns while maintaining a balance between ensuring security and preserving a conducive environment for learning.

In response to the feedback received and in consideration of the safety and well-being of its pupils, the Ateneo Grade School has introduced modifications to the School Calendar that include the following:


Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay informed and connected with the school administration for further developments or clarifications regarding the modified schedule. The school calendar may be access in this web page,

Here is the updated December Calendar:

The Ateneo Grade School community appreciates all stakeholders’ cooperation, patience, and understanding during these challenging times. The school remains dedicated to fostering a nurturing and secure environment for its students, ensuring their continued growth and well-being.