Headmaster (HM)
The Headmaster is the direct representative and agent of the University President in the actual operation of the Grade School unit. He/She is responsible for the proper functioning of the unit, and reports directly to the President. The current Headmaster is Dr. Annerose V. Villarba .




Assistant Headmaster for Administration (AHA)
The AHA is tasked to oversee the non-academic functions in the Grade School. Under the guidance and direction of the HM, he/she plans, implements, evaluates, revises, and formulates policies to improve or maintain the effectivity of the different offices of the Grade School in carrying out their respective tasks. The current Assistant Headmaster for Administration is Ms. Glynes Jean V. Ibañez. .




Assistant Headmaster for Academic Affairs (AHAA)
The AHAA is the representative of the Headmaster. He/She assists the Headmaster in matters pertaining to the instructional programs, planning and evaluation, curricular offerings, parent-teacher interactions about the academic performance of pupils, and the enrichment of the faculty’s professional competence. The current Assistant Headmaster for Academic Affairs is Ms. Criselda M. Buyan.





Assistant Headmaster for Formation (AHF)
The AHF assists the Headmaster in the overall operation of the Grade School regarding the formation of its administrators, faculty, staff and pupils. The current Assistant Headmaster for Formation is Ms. Xenia G. Gonzaga.


Subject Area Heads (SAH)
The Subject Area Heads are responsible for the organization, development, supervision, and evaluation of the subject area programs of the Grade School. To assist the teachers’ professional growth, Subject Area Heads give demonstration classes, conducts group or individual conferences, provide consultations, and initiates consultations peer observation activities. The current SAH in:




Math is Ms. Iris Coleen C. Licong,




CLE is Ms. Sharon Añong ,




Filipino is Ms. Leonaida A. Jardeloza,




Science is Ms. Lannie Ang,




English is Ms. Maria Khresty Z. Collo,



Araling Panlipunan is Ms. Andri Mae E. Ypil,




P.E. & Music is Mr. Ruben Mondejar, Jr,




HELE & Art is Ms. Imelda I. Avila




Information Technology is Ms. Janice Escandor




Academic Heads
Grade 1 is Ms. Rhea Mae C. Panaligan,



Preschool is Ms. Grace M. Monteagudo

Preschool Level Heads (PLH)
The Preschool Heads are directly in charge of the academic programs, administrative policy, and discipline in their respective levels. They are responsible for the welfare and programs of all the pupils and faculty at their respective levels.

The current PLH in;

Playschool and Nursery is Ms. Maria Carmel J. Tabinas,




Kindergarten is Ms. Janice R. Woo, and

Grade Level Heads (GLH)/
The Grade Level are directly in charge of the academic programs, administrative policy, and discipline in their respective levels. They are responsible for the welfare and programs of all the pupils and faculty at their respective levels.

The current GLH in;




Grade 1 is Ms. Jade Olea,




Grade 2 is Ms. Lorelei A. Portillo,




Grade 3 is Ms. Lydivic Jean Rios,




Grade 4 is Ms. Ivy M. Cardoza,




Grade 5 is Ms. Mary Ann Magnaye, and




Grade 6 is Ms. Genevive Samante


School Chaplain
The School Chaplain is the spiritual Counselor of the students. He is accessible to the students for spiritual direction. He coordinates with the Campus Minister in the planning and implementation of spiritual activities like Masses, confessions, Para-liturgies, and other spiritual activities. The current Chaplain is Fr. Ramon Prudencio Toledo SJ.



The Registrar is in charge of all the official academic records of the students. He/She supervises the proper implementation of procedures in enrolling old and new students in the Grade School. The current Registrar is Ms. Anna Lyn C. Dulay.




Student Affairs Coordinator 
The AHSA is tasked to assist the HM in matters related to pupils’ affairs and activities. He/She handles disciplinary cases and concerns, and is in charge of the general safety and welfare of the pupils. He/She sees to it that the rules and regulations of the grade school are observed. The current Coordinator for Student Affairs is Ms. Rhea Renee Araniego.



Wellness and testing Center (WTC) Coordinator
The WTC Coordinator provides for and coordinates the guidance activities of the Grade School. He/She supervises the other counselors. Aside from consultation, counseling, and the development of in-service guidance training for classroom teachers, the SDC Director is tasked to look into the type of human relationships developing within the school. The current WTC Coordinator is Ms. Michelle Mari Mercado.



Faculty and Staff Development Office (FSDO) Coordinator is Ms. Liza Vallescas.




Instructional Media Center (IMC) Head
The IMC Head Librarian is responsible for the organization, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of the Instructional Media Programs of the libraries and audio-visual centers of the Preschool and Grade School. The current IMC Head is Ms. Melinda B. Alba.




Campus Ministry Office (CMO) Supervisor
The Campus Ministry Supervisor is in charge of developing and implementing the spiritual and religious activities in the school. He/She facilitates the faith development of the school community through the creation and implementation of spiritually-oriented programs and activities. The current CMO Supervisor is Ms. Jennely C. Amaneo.



Information Technology Specialist is Ms. Christine M. Valencia




Coordinator for Promotion and Alumni Affairs Office (PAAO)
The Coordinator for Promotion and Alumni Affairs implements and evaluates the policies and programs related to promotion, admissions, scholarship aid, and alumni affairs. The current Coordinator for Promotions and Alumni Affairs is Ms. Mitzi Gay B. Ferrariz.




Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) Coordinator is Ms. Eucelyn F. Ortiz.



Grade School Clinic Head Nurse
The Grade School Head Nurse is tasked to oversee and manage all matters related to the health programs of the Ateneo Grade School. The current Head Nurse is Ms. Bianca Erika Taduran-Briones.




Physical Plant Supervisor
The Physical Plant Supervisor is in charge of the physical facilities of the school. He/She supervises the maintenance staff, security personnel, and agency workers in the performance of their duties. He/She makes recommendations on physical plant maintenance and improvement. The current Physical Plant Supervisor is Engr. Noah A. Bubod.




Ecoteneo Coordinator is Mr. Roger C. Gamboa.



Ecoteneo for Basic Education Deputy Director is Ms. Lillian G. Remolino.




Aquatics Head is Ms. Rosa T. Rodriguez.